Heavily Filtered Reddit Experience

The goal is to avoid impacting my mental health when visiting /r/all.

This list helps to filter most politics, news, etc. The leftover subreddits include peaceful ones like /r/gardening, /r/zoomies or /r/cozyplaces.

I've been using Reddit Enhancement Suite to filter out any subreddit that attracts remotely divisive people. The list contains 1929 subreddits.

Note: This list also filters out some subreddits that I am just not interested in, but not really divisive such as sports teams. Adjust accordingly. Maybe one day I can split the list.


To Use

  1. Export (backup) your Reddit Enhancement Suite settings. It helps if you have at least one subreddit already filtered.
  2. Open your export in VSCode or Notepad++.
  3. Search the file for 'filteReddit'. Next, look for the text 'subreddits' shortly after 'filteReddit'. You'll see the list of subreddits you've already filtered.
  4. Download and open the text file list below.
  5. Paste in the contents from the list below next to the list you've filtered. Note, you'll have to make the syntax work. Make sure you're just replacing the list of subreddits.
  6. Save your export, and re-import into Reddit Enhancement Suite.

The List

Download urretaio-filtered-reddit.txt

General Filter Criteria

  • News like /r/news/, /r/worldnews, etc
  • Politics like /r/polandball/, /r/politics, etc
  • Schadenfreude like /r/dashcams/, /r/toosoon, etc
  • Subreddits that have gotten too large for their own good like /r/wholesomememes/, etc

I have also filtered out benign subreddits that I don't have interest in. This is where you might have to adjust accordingly.

  • Sports teams like /r/cowboys, /r/redsox, etc
  • Entertainment like /r/TheMandalorianTV, /r/redsox, /r/SquaredCircle, etc
  • Any Non-English Subs.


  • Last updated: 5/15/2021
  • Subreddits: 1929
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