The concept of swiftly using LLMs (like ChatGPT) and Diffusion Models (image generation like Stable Diffusion) to create a a special moment for someon is intriguing. Picture a modern Zoltar 🧞 (like the one from the movie “Big”), where automation or even live acting combines to offer a magical, instantaneous experience. I’m calling it “Jestar,” named after my boy Jesse 🐶.

Enchanting Kids on Halloween 🎃

Imagine a young, ghoulish 👻 trick-or-treater approaching Jestar’s mystical booth. Here’s how the magic unfolds:

  1. Interactive Conversation: The booth’s genie asks the child a question.

  2. Transcription: The child’s response is instantly transcribed and sent to a waiting server (with parents permission). Whisper transcribes.

  3. Customization: Llama 2 (LLM) crafts a tailored fortune, poem, or even a spooky story—depending on the child’s choice.

  4. Visual Magic: The genie may inquire what the child is dressed as for Halloween and use that input, among other answers, to seed a Stable Diffusion generator via ComfyUI API. The result? Custom-generated artwork printed or shown near immediately.

  5. Artistic Guidance: Optionally, the genie invites the child to draw a picture, which is then enhanced through ControlNet to match the child’s vision.

  6. Final Touch: The crafted fortune, poem, or story is printed, rolled into a mystical scroll, and handed to the child.

All of this happens in approximately 30 seconds—making it feel almost like real magic.

Sample Outputs

Jesse Approved! 🐶

Jesse Approves Jestar