I'm Jesse, The Dog

Jesse's First 60 Days Journal

My persons adopted me from a shelter in Monticello, Minneosta. I started a journal the day they picked me up!

06-13-2021I got adopted today! πŸ‘«πŸΆ
06-14-2021We started clicker training today. πŸ”Š
06-14-2021Learned β€œSit” command! πŸͺ‘
06-16-2021My first outing in public (Wild Grinds Cafe). β˜•
06-20-2021Learned β€œLie down” command! πŸ›Œ
06-20-2021Got a proper sized collar. The one provided by shelter was too large. πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈ
06-21-2021First time using 30ft nylon rope for play, with ChukIt ball. πŸ₯Ž
06-21-2021Breakthrough with Spart (the meowy thing). We touched noses. 🐈
06-21-2021Kaitlin got a rope burn injury during play time. 🩸
06-22-2021Learned β€œStand” command! πŸ§β€β™‚οΈ
06-22-2021Started learning how to not bark at the front door! "Quiet"...I think πŸ”ˆ
06-22-2021I was a lunatic this evening. Super distracted during walk and play. πŸ€ͺ
06-23-2021Learning "Come" - πŸ‘‡
06-25-2021Today my persons discovered Zak George and said he was their guiding star for the mood to be in when training me. πŸ˜€
06-26-2021I'm barking at the door a ton to alert my persons. They seem to be dying internally and saying "Quiet" but I'm confused what they want from me. πŸ“£
06-28-2021Learning "Heel" 🦢
06-29-2021I met the love of my life today. Maiana 4ever. πŸ’˜
07-02-2021Learning "Sit Pretty" πŸ’‹
07-05-2021Learning "Touch" (Thanks Sam!) πŸ€šπŸ•
07-05-2021Indoor zoomies! ✈
07-07-2021Got my first haircut at petco and my people say it's ugly. I haven't learned that word yet. βœ‚
07-10-2021Spart played with me!!! 😻
07-10-2021The vet messed up and gave me vaccinations I already have. Grrrr. πŸ’‰
07-12-2021Learning "take a bow" is tough. It's too close to lay down. I'll get it soon! 😟
07-13-2021Practiced indoor leash walking. My "left turn" was great! πŸ‘ˆ
07-14-2021Got spooked and for some reason and sprinted 4 blocks back home. No leash could stop me. πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ
07-15-2021Caught a thrown frisbee twice in a row! β­•
07-15-2021100% warmed up to my upstairs neighbor! He's my fave. πŸ’™
07-21-2021Met Reggie today. He's the most perfect cloud I've ever seen. ☁
07-23-2021My person used play as a reward during obedience trainig. It was different, but I picked it up quick! 🎭
07-24-2021Started learning "Between" today. 🦡🐢🦡
07-24-2021First at home bath and grooming. 🚿 βœ‚
07-26-2021Met our neighbor Gillie today! She's a small terrier and we played SO well! 🐢
08-04-2021My first lake and my first dog park! πŸ–
08-06-2021Started proper leash training! πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈπŸ•
08-10-2021First night sleeping on the bed instead of the crate! πŸ›
08-11-2021Starting to know what "fetch" means when playing outside. Did my first successful one today. ⚾

Command Tracking


  • Level 1: Inside w/ No Distractions
  • Level 2: Front Yard
  • Level 3: Quiet Coffee Shop
  • Level 4: Coffee Shop w/ Distractions
  • Level 5: General Public w/ Distractions
Verbal CommandHand SignalDesired BehaviourLevel
"Sit"Fist over headButt to ground5
"Down"Flat hand facing groundBelly to ground4
"Come"Single arm outstretched to side, then bend at elbow towards bodyRun towards me3
"Stay/Wait"Palm facingTo not move from position unless released3
"OK!"None yetTo be released from a wait/stay and continue3
"Stand"Arm relaxed down, palm facing, touch shoulderTo be on all fours3
"Touch"Back of hand facingTo boop back of hand with nose4
"Sit Pretty"Middle and thumb touching, index pointing, lift upward over headBalance on butt, front paws off ground3
"Leave It"None yetTo disregard current attention grabber1
"Off"None yetTo not put front paws on up on human2
"Quiet"fist over mouthTo not bark0
"Heel"Circle motion on right side near thighTo position to my side, sitting, close to my heel3
"Walk"None yetTo walk forward, staring at me1
"Back"None yetTo walk backward, staring at me1
"Easy"None yetTo not pull on leash3
"Settle"None yetTo calm down high energy3
"Drop It"None yetTo drop item from mouth0
"Left Turn"None yetTo turn left while walking and stay on my outside3
"Shake"Vertical fist up and downLift paw and shake my first1
"Take a bow"None yetChest to ground, butt to air.3
"Between"None yetGet between my legs and stay3
"Fast"None yetRun with me2
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