My Financial Perspective

Read my perspective. Forever a WIP. Not financial advice.

The Skinny

My sister and I both grew up poor. We have poor brain. We're together working on improving our thinking patterns. I hope to convey some of the excitement, honesty, and hope I have with her to this digital garden.

I'm 34 and financially independent. I grew up without money and recently experienced a windfall from a business aquisition. I know I got lucky and I am aware of survivorship bias. I won't use, and you shouldn't take my story as an example. It was high risk / high reward and I feel there is a more stable way to be at peace with your money.

I despise marketing deceit and dark patterns.

As I learn, I'm taking notes publicly in the digital garden. Don't take my word as gospel. That said, come back every so often and you might find a new flower that blossomed just for you.

Enjoy Your Stay

Oh, before you go, the fact that this was not taught to me during my public schooling is steaming hot trash.

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