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The purpose of this section is to acknowledge, simplify, scrutinize, research, and write down any thoughts or concerns I feel to be "true" regarding finance. Note, they may not be true but writing it down helps to pick them apart. The output from processing emotional brain dumps will be more informed notes, todos, and peace of mind.

Tools To Tease Apart Thoughts

The Basics / Foundation

  • How much do you know about the 101 basics about your thought on a scale from 1-10?
  • Have you written them out?
  • Would an expert say you have a good understanding of the foundation / playing field?
  • Where did you learn most of what you know from?


  • Have you put numbers to your thought?
  • What are all the numbers you think might be a part of the conversation (whether you have them or not) ?
  • Is this a 5 year concern, 10 year, 20 year?
  • How do you think budgeting would impact your life?
  • Have you graphed it out?

Existing Approaches

  • What approaches/frameworks do other people use?
  • What does a failing approach look like?
  • Can you write out a few sentence description of this approaches uniqueness?
  • Imagine someone who has this figured out. Who are they, what do they look like, what feeligs do they have about it? Where did they learn it?
  • What is the national average?


  • What is the absolute worst case scenario if your initial thinking is true?
  • Are you trying to fit in with society?
  • If your values had 100% of the say, what would they do?
  • If the "external other people" who talk in your head had their say, what would you do?
  • Where did this thought originate? Person? Event? Parents?
  • Is it fear, insecurity, guilt, shame or envy?
  • Which "money script" are you operating on?
  • What does a perfect financial situation feel like. What do you imagine it as?

Learn More

  • 'Finance + Therapy' yields on topic search results
  • 'Coaching questions' yields stuff

Brain Dump Notes & Processing

My first brain dump was a huge success. I started by writing down any thought related to me & money. The excercise inspired me to write down a list of "things I need to feel at peace with money". That list included:

  • To know I am within budget by $5,000 each year
  • To know how much is going towards groceries
  • To know how much I am taking out of investments each month/year
  • To know my current spread between bonds/US/INTL
  • To know how much is going towards eating out/coffee
  • How much is going out to subscriptions / automatic

That list then inspired making spreadsheets to answer each question. Those spreadsheets have in turn helped the emotions at the beginning immensely.

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