Brain Dump Processing #1

  • Excercise #: 1
  • Completed: Week of April 2nd, 2021.

My first brain dump and a huge success. I let myself write down any thought related to money. The second half of the processing involved categorizing and adding hashtags for each emotion that was driving the thought.

Raw Thoughts: Anything That Comes To Mind

  • If I buy a house, I won't have enough to grow in the stock market and I am scared that I won't be able to make any income anymore and ruin the growth of the money in the market
  • If I buy a house, I'll ruin my chances of ever living in a van and adopting a minimalist lifestyle
  • If I buy a house I'll be "trapped" in that house and city and "settle down"
  • I'll never have income again
  • We're spending too much on food
  • It's not worth my time to put money into the tax protected accounts
  • Most financial advice is bullshit, and it's near impossible to find someone to trust
  • Buying a house is about aquiring more things, and not about minimalism which resonates
  • if we buy a house we will just fill it up with more stuff instead of optimizing the space
  • it may be possible to take out a home loan and still have money grow in Schwab
  • if I get a house I'll just keep wanting more bigger things and have lifestyle creep
  • we don't buy enough stuff in bulk and it seems like we buy only specialty stuff
  • If I get a job money now, I'll be even more secure later on
  • I think Kaitlin wants financial freedom before financial independence and that goes against my goals and that spending now could prevent incredible numbers later on
  • No one wants to talk money with me because i'm tainted with my situation
  • I fear saying I'm retired because it has a bad stigma like I'm not helping the world or contributing anymore

Cleaned Up Raw Thoughts

A house purchase

  • Prevents FIRE from working #fear
  • Stops me from ever living minimally (van) #fear
  • Causes me to feel "trapped" #fear
  • Is more about acquiring stuff to fill a hole #shame #fear
  • Will cause more purchases to fill empty space #fear
  • Will never lead to a hyper efficient use of space #guilt
  • May be possible with loan?
  • Will cause lifestyle creep #fear #shame


  • I fear being pubically/privately OK with it, due to stigma of "work work work capitalism add value to country etc" #shame #fear #guilt
  • Not worth time for tax protected accounts
  • Barista or Lean would make later life extra secure
  • Tax protected accounts are not worth my time


  • Too much on food #guilt #fear
  • Too much greenwashing or boutique/specialty instead of bulk #shame


  • I #fear I won't make income again


  • I want more open talk about money, but no one would want that, especially with me #shame
  • Kaitlin wants financial freedom before financial independence, and that goes against my goals/spending habits that I've worked hard for #shame #fear
  • Financial advice is too polluted to be useful #fear
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