Personal Finance

Read my perspective. Forever a WIP. Not financial advice.

Hi. Sup. You're human too? What's this money business everyone drones on about?

This part of my digital garden has notes, musings, rants, and are my current understanding of the personal finance.

A Community Garden

I'm in my mid-thirties and just recently learning basic concepts that would have been helpful to know earlier in my life. I hope to grow the personal finance part of my digital garden into a community garden. I want a place that younger me, or my parents when they were 18 could have gone. Imagine you walk into the building and the first floor brings you hope from compound interest and other building blocks of financial independence. The second floor acknowledges each emotion or trauma that helped form your thoughts. Other floors could keep aware of the dark patterns or marketing tactics and also give spreadsheet 101 lessons.

This garden may one day feel as welcoming as a public library. A place to breathe.

There's a chance to make it to "adult" and personal finance never gets into your noggin. It sure didn't for me. When you get to the "adult" part there's not a horde of teachers and parents trying their best to help you. It's an unassumingly opaque and gradual transition to being on your own and needing to figure it out yourself. Early 20s me didn't engage in Saturday evening financial talks to get the blood going.

I'm planting seeds for younger me, in a garden he might have visited.

Emotions are treated first class here.


Guiding Values

Somehow these phrases and ideas keep popping back up.

  • Frugality
  • Repair before buy
  • Buy used
  • "Buy it for life"
  • Live well within means
  • Avoid lifestyle creep
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