Current: Indoor Zwift Setup

My most recent bicycle is a 2016 Surly Straggler. I wouldn't recommend that model and year. I had major issues with the rear wheel slipping out.

I'm currently using this bike for an indoor Zwift training bike. The setup has enabled me to ride 40+ miles a week.

Setup Notes

My first Zwift setup was using a combination of Zwift and Steam on my desktop computer (in the other room), and an Nvidia Shield and Zwift Companion App near the trainer. Issues:

  • Zwift Companion App connected via bluetooth would disconnect frequently. A terrible feeling.
  • Having to go back and forth between rooms was inefficient, and therefore annoying.
  • Quality of Steam Link stream was mediocre.

My intermediate attempt to the proper fix was to see if I could get the NVidia shield to run Zwift. There are people who have had success, but with my trainer it would not connect via bluetooth or ANT+.

Finally, I installed Windows onto my laptop and use that. It has a GTX 1050 graphics card so the game runs without issue.

Most importantly, I realized the Zwift companion app was inadvertantly in my setup making my trainer not smooth in it's response. I now have it connected directly via ANT+ to the laptop, and the connection is very very reliable. The trainer's choppiness is gone.

I'd imagine the Zwift Companion app setup works in harmony for some other devices, but I choose to not send the trainer and heartrate data through it.

2009 Ride Across The USA

My life with a bicycle began in 2009. I emailed bike shops in a few cities asking if any would let me volunteer. I knew if I were to cycle across the country I'd need the basics, obviously. Only one shop responded, and I spent a few months working at Tsunami Cycles in Austin TX. David Barrientos (owner) and Chuck Sosa were my big brothers for many months helping me train for the long trip.

Later in 2009, Joe Philipson and I rode our Surly Longhaul Trucker bicycles across the USA from New Jersey to Seaside, Oregon. We called it "Real Geeks Ride" and got donations from a few friends and random companies. Metafilter, Tsunami Cycles, and Peter Shankman were our biggest financial supporters.

Ride stats

  • 74 days
  • 4141 miles
  • 27 flats in a single day
  • 1 near miss w/ tornado
  • 3 total crashes
  • 2 rattlesnakes
  • 1 police escort
  • 144 miles in a single day
  • 1 elk encounter
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