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My dirty pics

I’ve been really lazy when it comes to cleaning the specimens before taking their photos. The debris that didn’t come off after a short rinse and a rushed dry caused bright spots from the dirt/sand’s reflection.

A few things I’m trying:


I ordered 1L of Decon90. It’s an industrial cleaner and used to clean insects. We shall see. [Decon90 Safety Sheet]

Stereo Microscope

I ordered a relatively cheap stereo microscope to inspect the specimen before it’s class portrait. It will also give me a place to prepare, shape, and manually clean the specimen.

Handheld Tools

I ordered some “gentle forceps” for handling, and knockoff brand titanium forceps for precision. The titanium ones are used for eye surgery.

Arduino Powered “Gentle Bath”

I’m making an remix of this person’s Arduino powered “gentle bath”.

The original gentle bath maker used a well designed controller originally used for a different project. I think my version will be easier to make and use less parts. Mine will be jankier but get the job done.

  • v1 No enclosure. Larger parts. Parts: arduino uno, protoshield, stepper motor, motor driver, and a variable DC->DC converter.
  • v2 Smaller parts. Remove the need for the DC->DC converter. Use a usb breakout for 5v power.
  • v3 Maybe screen. Different washing “rinse cycle modes”.

At some point a 3D printed case would be nice.